My new Lc200 GXR 2016 Diesel

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Mr FJ55

200 series GXR V8 Diesel 2015 Twin Turbo
Oct 22, 2005
Hi everyone
here is my new Lc200 diesel 2016 and the difference between 2015 & 2016 the brake was improved .









That is so cool
Beside the power plant, it is cool to see small differences from the pictures between your and US version I have. I like the front bumper add on on the first picture. I wish we could buy it here in US. I have looked online and the only one you can buy is some cheap Chinese knock off on Ebay which are not even correctly duplicated. What country are you located in? Maybe I hit some of your local Toyota dealers to see if they are willing to ship one to me.
Really surprised the controls are different for the radio center. No volume know or buttons below the screen to go to different screens like nav stereo etc.

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