my new console?

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Mar 15, 2005
on stage
Installed a "new" "console". It was free. Gonna try it for a while and see if I like it. It provides a great arm rest and holder for some of my junk. The stock one was all cracked and too small. New one bolted right in to the original holes. For the short term I bolted the old cup holder back in till I find something better. I can't decide whether to paint it or not. I sort of like the heritage written on it. I didn't spend $300.oo on it. :bounce:
Looks like a Bodean special;)

Great job Barry.
Got 2 of those in the attic. Don't paint it! Looks good like it is. X2 on the Aussie locker like Clutchee said.

Got 2 of those in the attic. Don't paint it! Looks good like it is. X2 on the Aussie locker like Clutchee said.


imagine that....

probably a Hummer and a C141 engine up there to...
Nice console Barry.

If you need to, you can buy lock kits at just about any surplus store.
do you think you could get me a helicopter?

Bodean is in the MS Air National Guard, he can get you the C141 or C17 hookup.
If he were in the MS Army Guard this might be in his attic...


or maybe...


and just cause he knows everybody for sure one of these...


We couldn't get the Iraqi anti aircraft gun in our duffle bags coming home but we had one while we were there! If it hadn't been shot in the barrel by an A-10 I think Choctaw could have had it up and running in no time.

i used to have a cd changer in an old box like that... served me well, secure and dry. I had it bolted over one of the rear tires...but that is a good spot for it
Well, well, well... If it aint Mr Gates! Where ya been? Come see us once in a while!

Looks like we were under a little fire! I told yall we had a big gun! That damn Choctaw is like an eagle. Tony can fight em' off as they come across the fence!
yeayeayea. Sorry I have been a little busy lately taking care of the mother of my soon to be born son. And trying to live it up some while i still can. Cruiser needs work that I have been needing to do for some time. I'll be back.
dont know about the rest of yall but I feel 100% safer!

I thought that would make you feel better!

Thats some funny sheite.

Love the AC unit and satellite dish in the background.

Thanks guys for your service!
Yeah, after the air raid we could go inside where the a/c blows cold and watch 2 yr. old Young and the Restless on the Arab satellite!

We sure have hi jacked this thread. Sorry about that Barry. I love the console.


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