My lockers will not engage :-(

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Nov 9, 2004
Kent England
I have not used the lockers for a very long time and now I need to change the rear right hand side drive shaft oil seal, I have been told that I need to put the rears lockers in,

As you can guess, I cant get them to lock, the red RR icon on the dash just flashes, I am assuming it should turn orange when its locked?

I put the engine in neutral, put box in LOW and the opperated the switch on the dash to engage the rear lockers, I tried driving the car about (slowly) turning the wheels one way and the other, also going backwards and forwards too, but no luck, any suggestions?
I presume the center is locking? Tried engaging/disenaging multiple times while driving in figure 8's on loss gravel or neighbors lawn (just kdding, dont do that ;) )

Find a muddy spot to do this! I did in the gravel to and only the rear lockers got engaged and the front had just the light blinking. And after I got my cruiser up in snow mixed with mud, the front engaged also and worked good.
Don't get in panic if you cant disengage the lockers after that, jut go in revers and the locker will disengage. This had been happen with me and just don't do the practice next to a riven or cliff :hillbilly:!
Maybe my cruiser don't had the locker engaged never in 16 years, the last PO I believe used the cruiser for family chores.

Good luck!
Hi all.... I checked to hear if the relay was clicking when I put it in low, and it was :) I went and found some gravel and spent 10 mins going in all sorts of direction to get the abs light to come on, but no luck, :-( so I decided to go back home.

while I was turning onto the drive, I thought I would give it one last try, and it worked!!!! :) done it about 8 times after that and it worked every time and also made the RR lockers to come in and out to.... Me a happy man now, is it best to test these things every week?
Use'em or lose'em ;), I try and remember each time I find some loose surface to engage my CDL (after going through a similar issue) I must have engaged/dis-engaged 100times to free my CDL up. Been great every since.

Happened to me before and found my gear oil really dirty flushed, drained and refilled my diffs with synthetic gear oil and never had a problem since...
not necessarily every week, but you do need to use them six or seven times a year. if at that point they don't work, then you may need to pull them apart and "realign" (for lack of a better word) them

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