my large hobo stove.

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Aug 5, 2005
Southern Interior, BC, Canada.
just made myself a hobo stove, took about 10 mins to complete and it boiled 5 liters of water in about 10 mins also. i was surprised to see that the stove is quite efficient, the more wind, the more flames / btu's.

DCP_2097 (Small).JPG
DCP_2098 (Small).JPG
DCP_2099 (Small).JPG
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made it from these stock pots that are on sale c-tire.

i cut a largish rectangle hole and drill four holes near the handle rivet line for two welding rods that are cross supports for the cooking pot.

edit, welding rods have proven to be to weak, will move up to small diameter re-bar.
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I like! Is it charcoal? wood? why not put a mesh or grate instead of rebar so you can grill too?
Wait till' the ol' lady finds out you took a grinder to her best corn pot :hillbilly:

Nice mod..if I find a big pot garage saleing I'm gonna have to do that to it!

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