My BJ40 update,downunder.

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Dec 16, 2013
Hello,everyone,just a quick update on my BJ40.Not building a show car or doing a body off job,just a clean "rust free" body,pretty stock.It has taken me some time to get to this stage.Currently it is in epoxy primer,with a few minor dents to attend to.Up to this stage i have fab in passenger floor,inner and outer rocker panel,rear sill and rear upper panel,and repairs lots of dents.It has taken more time as it had been hand painted with what i think was enamel.anyway here is some pics.




That 40 looks great, might be the primer, but it's hard to see any issues with the panels.

What colour? Are you staying with mustard?

Hello Dan,yep sticking with the mustard.And yes the primer and photo dose make it look good.Its definately not 100%,but everything has been done by myself.Never welded before starting this project,never used a spray gun either!!Its getting to the stage were i need to start buying replacement parts,ie door rubbers,roof gasket i will keep doing the bits that dont cost me a heap.
how are you tracking with your refurb?

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