My 80 - progress report..

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Mar 27, 2003
Some may remember that I bought a 1998 80 a couple of months ago. I thought I would report in with news on my progress..

I bought the truck with 65000 miles on it - I have now done 67500. I have averaged 26.5 miles per gallon. The best I have had is 27.9 and the worst is 25.7. These figures are for imperial gallons. The US gallon .83 of an imperial so the average in US gallons is 22 MPG.
This is down to careful driving, a dielsel engine and a manual gear box.

I have changed the timing belt, fan belt and aircon belt. I have changed the oils in the gearbox, transfer box and engine and put semi synthetic in the diffs. I plan to do a front axle service in a month or so. I have adjusted the wheel bearings.

I have had a problem with interference on the radio. I thought it was the radio itself so changed it to a pioneer but still had the problem. I thought it might be the antenna so changed that but still have the problem. I have run out of ideas as to what is causing the problem and now listen to long wave radio which seems to be unaffected. The Pioneer is great, I have set up a rear view camera and have the iPod connected.

On the dash I have an iPhone interface for answering phone calls. It can also be used to listening to music on the phone through a bluetooth link.

I have had the wheels shot blasted and powder coated satin black - happy with this. I have fitted 265 tyres and already wish I had gone to 285. I plan to fit OME suspension or ridepro. I don't know much about ridePro but a business that does expedition vehicle preparation highly recommends them.

I have managed to convince Mrs Phillips that we should take a family trip to Morocco and see the Sahara. This could now give me justification for buying an ARB bumper - maybe roof tents - who knows what possibilities could now be out there.

I have a whining noise from the rear end of the truck. It goes away if i take my foot off the gas or let it free wheel. I thought it could be the diff and have changed the oil and added something to make it extra slippery but still have the problem. Maybe it is the UJs - it's just a humm and not a vibration - any comments on this?

The truck still pulls to the left if I take my hand off the wheel. It annoys the hell out of me. It is not the road camber. I have checked the wheel bearings, checked the brakes, had the Toyota dealer check the toe in. I still have the problem. I will do the axle serivce, change the brake discs and hopefully finally sort this out.

I have put a new OME steering damperon - I thought this may fix the tendency to wander tothe left but it hasn't. Could it be other worn pars of the steering linkage causing this I wonder?...

How do you like the seating arrangement? My dog is getting old and she likes to use the side steps to get in throught the rear side doors..

Any comments?
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