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Oct 5, 2014
This is my new to me 1971 FJ40, I just purchased it from a guy and it was his brothers that passed a way some time ago. The guy didnt know a whole lot about it other than it got horrible gas mileage! So here is what I know from just looking at it... Only paid 3500$ and there is not much rust, I also have the top and doors.

Small block 350
4 speed trans
SOA lift
Beer keg fuel cell
home brew High steer
crappy Rancho shocks
35" BGF Km1's with 90%+ tread
10k? pound winch?

I took it up and around the hills today It did good in my opinion. It desperately needs steering, brakes and a cooling system. So I ordered Ruff stuff heim steering for it, Griffen aluminum radiator, and a high flow water pump.

Now my question is I want to go disk brakes, I know about using the minitruck stuff but can I buy 6 shooter knuckles from trail gear and use those in place of the factory ones?

I will post pics once I meet the minimum post and day requirements
Oct 5, 2014
and can someone please tell me what parts I need for sure to do the swap? I have searched but some people use different things...


Get a bigger hammer..
Oct 20, 2005
Reno NV
fj60 stuff is sometimes easier to find, but on the mini stuff there are several write ups in tech.

on steering go fj60 or saginaw swap both are in tech or search... use fj80 ends and get the correct arms..

half price day at pick and pull..... taurus fan, crown vic relays, serpentine setup off a chevy pickup, with a modern alternator, cs144 preferred

at some point gears or a orion transfer case..

do alot of reading and searching here you can learn alot fast....

good luck.. sounds like you got a good deal....

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