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Nov 10, 2005
Alright mudders...

Probably going to 315's in a Mud Terrain.

My top three choices so far:





and last but not least...

Yokohama Geolander M/T


I am very much looking for all input, including other tire selections.

Grassy Ass!
What's the usage?

You after tread wear in an MT? Snow, ice, mud?

Hardcore crawling?

For all types of terrain on and offroad, Trxus MT.

For low snow, high rock, KM2.

For tread wear/highway bias, moderate mud, rock, MTR/Toyo MT.

To re-experience the mid-1990's, BFG MT KM.

To learn why nobody runs the Yoko, the Yoko.
out of that list, id go KM2. whats your terrain mostly? DD? if rock, id go MT/R's or the KM2's. discount has 4 for a G shipped.

if its strictly a weekend warrior/trail rig, id look at some bias tires like irocs or sx's..heavy SOB's, but much more capable off road than the usual radial lot from BFG, GY, Toyo's...etc.
Right now I have the BFG AT which I bought when the 80 was my DD knowing my commute of 64 miles per day would kill a M/T.

I now have a company truck and the 80 is for trails and general camping. Not tons of rock crawling but if there are rocks in my way, I am going over them.

Mostly a mix of everything but I am really not in the snow much at all.

I really like the A/T's but they are simply too slippery in the mud.
I have had a few sets of BFG AT and I loved them for a pavement pounder/weekend camp rig. However there is no comparison to a true M/T.

I have the TrXus MT and I love them for all of the different terrain that I face here in the NW. They seem to be wearing really well as well but I have only had them for a few months. My .02
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If the BFG AT is too slick in the mud you see, no MTR.

In order of what I would get:

1) Trxus MT
2) Toyo MT (or the Cooper)
3) BFG KM2

Trxus sounds ideal for you since you don't daily drive. Will be nice and quiet on the highway, really good in the slick stuff with all the siping, can handle pretty deep goo for an "all terrain MT".

I'd get the advantage of soft compound all the way since highway miles aren't your issue. You will love this tire compared to your BFG AT's.
Nay, would you avoid the Trxus on a DD? Any idea what kind of miles a DD might get out of them?

I wouldn't avoid them where I live because of how good they are in the snow. I have 15K on mine and they are in good shape - they are probably a 25K to 30K tire.

Much of this choice depends on how much hardcore wheeling you do. No MT is going to last 40K miles if you thrash them in the rocks. The more I wheel, the less I care about 40K miles and the more I want my tire to be good at everything I need it to be good at, on and offroad.

That's why I run the Trxus MT.
yoko's are good had them in a all terrain good wear also look at remington mt's currently running 255 85 16' them alot
Just curious, what is the experience with these?

A friend ran the Geolander AT's here in AZ for many years and had no complaints. Not the mud you referred to though so take that for what it is worth.

He went to 35's in the cooper sst and has noticed a lot of chunking and has had two sidewall punctures. The Coopers are great tires, just don't expect to get more than 25 or 30K on them.
I'm going through the same decision. Its hard to beat the MT KM I've had many sets on all my different rigs and they've always held up great tot he road use and performed well the trail. I really want to try the KM 2's and another member in the club has the Toyo's on his 100 series and 40 and he has mad traction with them. I've been leaning that way but to justify the cost over the regular KM's I'm having problems telling myself they're worth it especially on my 80 which is my DD. :hmm: I currently have the geolander AT's they do ok for light trail and road use. A friend is running the Yoko MT's but I haven't seen it on the trail so I don't know how they do.



Yoko MT's

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Actually, so far, all it tells me is that nobody has used them so we know nothing of their performance.


That design just doesn't work that well for everything (which it sounds like you want). It's like the X-Terrian or Baja Claws... I'd rather have my Toyos that I hate!

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