MTA Helps out Hollister Hills SVRA

Nov 12, 2007
Santa Cruz, CA
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MTA has enjoyed a long relationship with Hollister Hills SVRA. This is where we have held our event, Mud N Yer Eye Frolic, for the past 34 years, so it’s very important to us to lend a hand when there is a need. As a club, MTA has done many projects in and around upper ranch, mostly in Area 5. Projects that MTA has accomplished in the past are: building of the stage, pouring of the concrete pad in front of stage, building the BBQ pit, table and sink area. Power was also brought into area 5 with the help of MTA.

This past weekend (March 27 & 28) MTA had an opportunity to work with HH Parks Trail Crew to add some new features to the old obstacle course area. The HH Parks Trail Crew approached MTA to give them some input to design a new obstacle. Once again the MTA was more than happy to lend a hand, to be honest we were VERY excited to have a chance to work so closely with HH Park. So the call went out and we were able to get several people from the club to come out and help. Scott S. had taken some time and drew up plans as to what we wanted to accomplish. This was a huge help in keeping everyone focused on what needed to be accomplished. As well as making new features in the obstacle course, we also identified areas that have to be reclaimed as greenbelt. This will help to bring back the natural vegetation and plant life to the area.

The MTA is very happy to have the chance to work so closely with HH SVRA to help to keep the trail open and make the park a great place to wheel.

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