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Jul 23, 2020
Prescott, AZ
I’m getting ready to line my 80, and having trouble deciding a color. I was set on white but after getting the color chip set I’m considering other colors. Here are some that I’m looking at. Thoughts?
(The one up against the hood is the one on the far right, my favorite right now)
I did “ get hammered “ - it’s pretty close to toyota “cement grey”. Damn, my paint was way worse than yours pre-montaline! 🤣
So you are only doing a single color?
I agree with you, the tan on the right looks the best.
I've been planning to do the same but my thoughts on color are trying to match my stock color the best I can (Moonglow Pearl) since I don't want to get into lining the door jambs. Medium quartz gray seemed like the closest match although I wondered if Pyroclastic might be better. I requested that one as one of my free samples but they forgot to include it unfortunately.

You planning to roll or spray? I'm doing it in a very cramped garage so I was planning to roll it
I went desert sand as it’s closest to beige metallic. Very happy with how it looks without needing to paint the door jambs.
Do you have the grey or the tan leather interior?

I always think tan interior should get the tan liner or paint, and the blue/grey leather get the cement/grey liner/paint.

Otherwise it looks disjointed, like an afterthought.

Or if you don’t like the color liner your leather is, go white/cream - no clashing that way.

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