Molle II gear?

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Dec 12, 2006
7400', central NM
Anybody using it to store stuff in the Cruiser? If so, what & where, with pix please.

Just picked one up from a nice guy here on Mud, and started packing it. So far I've got poncho, liner, blanket & polartec loaded, w/gore-tex, MRE, 1st aid & K9 gear to go.

Not looking to build BOB or Survival, just 'handy to have in Cruza' bag.

Anybody? Pix once I figure out what else it'll hold & where's the best place to park it in my 60.
I don't ever want to use Molle II again. Great system...crappy memories. Cheers.
here's a site where you can get some molle gear...

no affiliation...
Another good place is Major Surplus in Gardena, CA.
I don't ever want to use Molle II again. Great system...****py memories. Cheers.

I hear ya. I could be using my wildland gear, but...

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