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Nov 30, 2006
Moab Jeep Safari was a great event with tons of vendors (and networking going on). BlueRibbon Coalition sent Stacie and I to rep BRC and continue the trail-saving work we've been doing there at this event for years. We have to particularly thank our premier travel sponsor, GenRight Off Road, and our partner travel sponsors, Nemesis Industries and Metalcloak. These great off-road businesses made sure that we were there to work with clubs, individuals and businesses on how to keep our off-road sport alive and well.
Here are some highlight photos for your enjoyment.

Stacie is getting a closeup shot of Curtis Thayn on Potato Salad Hill -- and Utah 4WD staffing their booth.

Nemesis Industries fender; and the Red Rock Raffle at about $180k worth of stuff.

Metalcloak has some awesome stuff and they helped us travel to Moab.

GenRight Off Road was our premier partners in helping us travel to Moab. Their new line of Aluminum JK stuff is pretty incredible - well built, light and made-to-fit.

Kurt Schneider, Del and Travis Carpenter at the BFG Outstanding Trails event -- I recognized Kurt and Travis for their work in land use and racing (King of the Hammers).

On a fun day, we went to Deadhorse Point State Park and stopped at "jump" rock. Jerry Sparkman here decided just to look and not jump. Smart man.

Famous people were all over Moab, like Chris Collard (L) and Ned Bacon (driving).

BFGoodrich Tires crew (and friends). They announced the new trails for 2010 Outstanding Trails (see my blog elsewhere).

Once again, thanks to GenRight, Nemesis Industries and Metalcloak for helping us be BlueRibbon Coalition at the Moab Jeep Safari 2010.


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