Mixing kinetic snatch ropes/straps with non-stretching tow straps and/or other "static" rigging components


Feb 7, 2016
Olathe, KS
Can you mix "static" recovery ropes, straps and shackles with kinetic recovery ropes for a kinetic recovery? i.e. can I use a 30' kinetic rope soft shackled to a 50' tow strap hard shackled to a recovery point on the stuck vehicle and then do a kinetic pull using another vehicle? Or could I make a "recovery bridle" (probably not a real term) using two short straps or a tree saver shackled to recovery points on each side of the stuck vehicle and then to the kinetic rope? I know that the regular tow straps and winch rigging should not be shock loaded but it seems to me that you could use those components in a kinetic type recovery as long as you have a "kinetic link" somewhere in the rigging line to take the shock load. Obviously there have to be at least two hard connections, one on the stuck vehicle and the other on the recovery vehicle.

I would never use a kinetic strap or rope as a winch line extension for a winch type recovery.

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