Missing EGR hose

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Jan 10, 2015
New to the FJ world...trying to get my fully smogged 1987 FJ60 to pass Colorado emissions. Going through the emissions manual and making sure everything is connected properly I noticed the vacuum hose from the EGR vacuum modulator to the EGR valve is missing and the openings are capped. Why would the previous owner have done this? Picture with circled areas included. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, having that, what seems to be common, bog down/hesitation in 3rd and 4th gear at 2200-3000 RPM range, messed with mixture and forgot to reattach vacuum advance and car ran well reattached vacuum advance and started running s***ty...will it hurt anything to run with the vac adv removed all the time? thanks again
FJ60 EGR.jpg
Since you have the emissions manual, follow the test procedures to check for proper function of each of components shown in the diagram you posted. Proper routing and connection of all the vacuum lines is also critical. Replacing the vacuum lines with new can also improve performance. McMaster Carr has silicone tubing in a size that is very close to factory diameter and performs wonderfully in this application. Check the older posts for the part #. Had similar issues with my 60 and by being thorough and doing all of the above, all of the emissions issues were resolved.
Here are the McMaster Carr part #'s (two different inside diameters):
51135 K152: you'll need about 45'
5041 K541: about 10' here
I had a stumble that I fixed by plugging the line that went from the modulator to the egr. I also capped the egr similar to what I think you have. I passed colorado emmisions with it pretty much like that. Turns out my modulator and egr weren't working correctly (duh). At the time there weren't new ones to purchase so I did what I had to do. I've seen them for sale now in different places like rockauto but spendy for sure.

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