mini truck master question

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Feb 21, 2005
granger, indiana
I have searched all the tech articles which are very helpful but... I fabbed my own booster adapter to clear the firewall rib like the one from Wardens. My question is what do you use for a pushrod? I have sourced some fine threaded all thread to lengthen the rod and couple it to the factory(mini truck) pushrod. Is this what guys are doing? Will it be strong enough or do you think it will bend because of the length or using the brakes when engine is off (no power assist). Thanks for your opinions and input in advance. Tom
I took a solid piece of 1/2" round stock and drilled and tapped the one end to thread onto the link from the booster, and then drilled the other end so that after I cut the head off a 8mmx1.25x40 bolt, I could slip it into the round stock and then weld it in place...the yoke end and jam nut could then thread on, and you would have your connection with adjustment.

Sorry I do not have a pic of it....I will try and get one out here in the next few days...

Good luck!


Here is the pic I was talking about....

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