Mini Driveshaft Install

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Mar 26, 2004
Hey there, I have a front CV driveline from an '88 that I want to put on the rear of my 40, and as luck would have it, its the right length. I LOOKED in SEARCH and found some info, and was wondering about the drilling of the park brake drum for the mini CV pattern. Other than the obvious pull it off scenario, is there anything special about drilling it? You know, like when you drill springs you drill SLOW kind'a thing? My pinion is pointed at the t/c so I thought I'd try this, as I'm trying to trace down a vibration. Many thanks, Al
I wish I would have thought about this when I tried the same thing. Instead i paid to have a machine shop dork up a perfectly good CV, bu swapping a cruiser yoke onto the t-case end. Oh well live and learn. Good luck on the venture here. BTW are you SOA/SUA, flipped springs, or other?
Thanks Guys. Its spring under,shackle reversal, I "Think " around " a 4" lift, rear has LONG shackles. Just trying to figure out some vibration issues. Al
don't know about the later mini shafts, but i took an 83 4runner front shaft and just opened up the bolt holes a little right on.

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