Metal Shaping

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Apr 16, 2005
just looking for anyone who's done any hand formed panels, I am just about to build some lower door skins, and since auto body school, I haven't actually hammer and dolly formed anything, It'll probably all come back to me and it will be beautiful (i hope), and I'll try to take some pics, but if anyone else has any metalshaping play by plays it would be nice to see, for the record
Actually I am currently fixing the front wheel wells from my parts truck to put on mine. There was less rust there then on mine but I am cutting it out and fabbing new pieces. I find it great, peaceful, relaxing and the best part is that I turn the phone off and everyone leaves me the f*k alone. I will see about pics.
Eastwood has some really good videos. (
I'm starting to form up patch panels, but not making any full panels.
I just got my planishing hammer set up, and that is SWEET. Finished smoothing out a fender after hammer/dolly and taking a spoon to it.
It really is fun shaping metal, but I'm just starting so no advice other than to get some videos for a refresher.
The shop I work at specializes in metalshaping, I'm fairly new to it, but am slowly picking it up. Check out , the "how to" books and websites of Ron Fournier, Ron Covell, Fay Buttler, Kent White and many other metal shapers; these will explain tons of the details of metalshaping much better than I can. Some of stuff that helped me pick up shaping was understanding how shrinking and or stretching would "move" the metal, basically once you know where to shrink or stetch, building panels/parts becomes easier to understand. Instead of me going on and on, if you have any specific questions I'd be happy to try and give em my best shot. Be VERY patient, this takes LOTS of pratice.

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