Memorial Weekend @Ludlow,OH May23,24,25

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Sep 15, 2008
If anyone wants to go there will be an annual Memorial day event this is the 20th year in Ludlow,OH from Frii,May 23 thru sunday May25 The Southeast Buckeyes 4x4 club runs the event but no fewer than 3-6 4x4 clubs show up or about 20-80 trucks,typically everyone shows up friday night to camp,I just show up early sat morn,wheel all day saturday,camp again that night wheel sunday and go home sunday night .There is a $50 per truck registration fee that the Southeast Buckeye 4x4 club collects but that includes all weekend camping,portajohn use,a dash plaque,a t-shirt,and of course wheeling.There is also a shelter house with a donation breakfast every morning and fish fry one night.I usually leave here at 5am saturday the 24th meet a few local guys at the first rest stop in west virginia on I-70westaround 6-7 am,then we go on thru wheeling into ohio get on Ohio Route 7 south for about 1 and half to 2 hours south to get there by 8 am or so....if anyone is interested let me know
dont forget guys 2 days of abuse!!!!!your truck will love it!!!!
well Ludlow was awesome as usual there were about 6 toyotas there (all minis and runners) and about 30 jeeps and FS chevys...we rode the usual trails on day one and it was cool Franks XJ was overmatched as the ruts in ludlow are mega deep but we dragged him one made it up the premier rock obstacle known as Grandview it was severely undercut and was a winch-over for sure(ill post a picture of our trail leader Kevin pullin cable)i was the last person with a winch over it so i had to pull 3 more trucks over including frank.........On the second day we ran a trail ive never seen before called the 8th mile it is basically a road that goes on for about 7 miles and at the end it keeps goin up hill 3ft deep ruts for about a mile this trail was incredible!!!!The XJ was WAY overmatched here i had to pull him about 1/4 mile or more and 100 yards of that i was winching us both forward 50 feet at a truck has never been dirtier but after that we forded the Little Muskeegum River....this was so cool parking the truck in 2-3 feet of water and getting out and swimming around,having a mud-ball fight,and sitting on the tailgate with your feet in the river after this we used some river water to sort of clean off the truck and heading for home.......ill post some pictures soon....B

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