May 24th 4x4 run sooke

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May 27, 2007
Sooke B.C.
Steve and i are going to sooke on sunday morning for a run. Everybody is invited, we are going to meet at 9:00 at the sooke a&w leave at 9:30 at the latest. Send me a pm or contact me 250-889-6398 and let me know you are going. Ttyl
It seems lately that every time I wheel with Jason, he has this urge to show me his drive shaft? Why is that, and what does it mean? :D

more pics at Flickriver

Just the two wagons today; had a fun time exploring near Sooke. Jason's drive shaft grazed a rock and exploded his new universal joint. We found the pieces amongst the rocks and Jason, the cave man, "pressed" them back together. We decided to take it easy from then on (yeah, NOT) and continued exploring.

I bent the frame end, mounting bracket for the rear lower control arm on my 80.

Although we both brought selectable lockers, neither of us could engage them. No compressor for Jason's ARBs and I left the switch for my e-lockers at home (dash is torn apart prepping for a CB install). :bang:

Thanks for a fun day; was only 4 minutes for 6:00 PM dinner.
great pics! i do miss island wheeling

are those 35's on the silver beast? and yes, hippies still


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