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Jul 25, 2004
Waikato, New Zealand
Hi Guys
I have posted this over in the 60s forum as well but after checking the part numbers on the Marks adaptors site and realising virtually the same kit is used to convert 2F 40s and 3F 60s to a SBC, thought you guys might be able to lend a hand also. For those of you that have used the Marks bellhousing kit with your SBC install and retained the cruiser box, how did you make out with the clutch fork pivot mounting into the Marks bellhousing? With my truck that is a JDM FJ62 with 3F and H55F tranny the old 3F fork pivot is too small to screw into the threaded hole in the new Marks bellhousing. I can just screw a smaller bolt through from behind the bellhousing into the fork pivot and tighten it up but this obviously wont fit properly. It will work but is kinda half ass. Without machining a bolt with a wide diameter to fit the bellhousing, and a narrower diameter to tap the fork pivot, anyone got any ideas or have run into this before. I am now wondering whether the 2F and 3F motors had different diameter mounting bolts for the fork pivot and I either have the older Marks kit, or there is no provision for my engine tranny setup. I dont suppose anyone has an old 2F clutch fork pivot to take a measurement from?.... Thanks in advance guys.

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