Manual winding Window problems (1 Viewer)

Jul 25, 2014
Nairobi, Kenya
My driver side window (RHD 1994 HJZ80 GX) has been giving me issues. The window glass itself seems very tight in the channels, and has to be pushed down from above.
The window regulator (the X-frame thingymajig) flops around and doesn't hold the glass firmly, thereby causing the glass to come out of the regulator channel (the horizontal channel on the x-frame that pushes the window up), and then of course the window drops down.

I NEED to get this sorted out this week as I have a trip coming up on the weekend (with paying guests), and I'm struggling to find a replacement regulator.
Anyone have any advice?

I've used a flat-head screw-driver to try to open up the vertical channels more so the glass can slide up and down more easily. That doesn't seem to help. I've tightened every nut and bolt on the regulator that I can find but it's still too floppy to support the weight of the glass and wind smoothly every time.

Thanks in advance.

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