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Nov 8, 2006
Sugarloaf, CO
im workin on a bumper design for my fj60 and im wonderin about a few things where it comes to mounting my m8000

first of all, is a feet foward mount strong? in my head it seems stronger than feet down, but i dunno...

also, since the front wall of the bumper will be the mounting point, itll need to be strong right? what material thickness do yall think i should use. itll be rectangular tubing cut open so as to fit the winch to the inside of the front wall of the tube.


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Sep 21, 2003
well, it should be much easier for the winch to withstand the stress with feet forward, of course, since the stress is mostly withstood by compression of the winch body then, with the bolts there mostly for locating the mount. With feet down, most of the stress is on the mounting bolts and on the winch legs mostly in shear. FWIW, Warn warns (!) that the big M12 should *only* be mounted feet forward.

That was talking only about the winch itself. Of course, your mount should be strong enough either way...

and remember that some winches have to be clocked for drainage depending on type of mounting.

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