Madison NH, June 18

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Jan 29, 2005
land of misfit Toys
Once again we are hosting a weekend of wheeling and camping for members and friends of YT.

We generally run Friday afternoon, with the big group on Saturday, and something short/easy Sunday.

Trails run from intermediate to extreme, mud/rocks/trees/steep climbs....lift locker winch armor recommended....

Plenty of class VI roads around make for good stock/easier runs, we can arrange a specific run for Saturday if there are enough stockers.

Lots of room for field camping, facilities are limited, we will have a portajohn, plenty of firewood, bring water, GOOD dogs are OK....
Last year we had a great group breakfast on Saturday, we can do again if there is interest.

So, if you are coming, post up!
if you want to make it, lets hear it
if you cant be here, tell us why
veterans? fresh blood? cant remember?
hope to see you......

arrrrgh,,, I wanna go, but can't, can't miss Fathers day, looks like a blast any more pic's?
I might try to get my whip up there to drop off at Kina's on Saturday for some good old welding love over the next couple weeks.

Anybody driving back to MA on Saturday?? Would like to get all the welding done on the 55 so I can run it at the FG.
I'd love to be there, but stayin home patiently awaiting the best Fathers Day gift of all...

Yeah, yeah, I know. Storks don't deliver HJ60's or 45LPB's!
good luck Josh, I hope all goes well,
Last year was great, as usual my rig won't be ready, if someone has a spare seat in their rig saturday, I'd gladly provide snacks and beverages.
Jen and I will be there , thanks again Kina:cheers:
I will be there Friday afternoon.
Waiting to see what the work schedule is but pretty sure we will be there.
We will be there if the Troopie is back in together.
Pics are from Kinas in 2008
Don't think I'll make it this year. Both slip joint on my drive shafts are toast after the spring meeting, can't believe they held together they're so bad. Still fighting a sinus infection, been almost three months now, on my second round of antibiotics, ughh! Those are my excuses.
We will be up Fri night. Sheri is still struggling with her manager for the weekend off. She has missed this event the last two years due to work and has drawn a line in the sand for this year.
Last year was great, as usual my rig won't be ready, if someone has a spare seat in their rig saturday, I'd gladly provide snacks and beverages.

I will be there friday afternoon, so you can ride shotgun- or you might have to drive some
we could do breakfast if there is interest
I will be up on saturday for the day see if I can not put any more dents in the 60. Pretty sure only 2 panels are still straight. I can bring up some of those dunkin chemical holes again like last year for breakfast if wanted maybe couple boxes of joe. let me know.

Hi ALl,

Planning on showing up. I am in the middle of my first rebuild so I don't think I will be bringing it;).

I have a camp about 45 minutes from Madison so I think I will be coming both Fri afternoon/night and Sat all day.

So here are the newbie dumb questions/comments:

I was NOT planning on driving my tacoma, and was planning on driving to the trailhead and riding my mountain bike with the dog in tow (or used to tow me:)). If they are easy trails, then I can take the tacoma and leave the bike at home (but to be honest, I would like to go see the nasty stuff). The Tacome is 100% stock and has s&*t turning radius (I used to have a 99 and it was awesome).


Thanks - Bruce
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