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Mar 29, 2007
Northwest Arkansas
Check out page 62 in Issue 14.

I was driving the O.D. Green Fj80 that was on 2 wheels. I do believe that was the closest I've ever came to tipping it over. Luckily my reflexes took over and I hammered down and drove out of it.


Some specs are:

0" lift
Cut Fenders
Welded diffs
35" boggers
Warn Premium Hubs
Custom O.D. Green paint job, with Flat Black on the hood

Not much to look at, but it sure is fun on the trails!

About 4-5hrs after that picture was took, I sunk it in a mudhole down there, and that ALMOST killed the mighty 3FE.

It still runs, but the bearings are shot and it sounds like a cummins diesel. I'll hopefully have a new motor in it before the next competition.

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have any pics of this 0" lift, 35" tires, and cut fenders?
Actually, I didn't get any pics from Rocktoberfest, but here are some pics from Hot Springs last year.

This was before I really CUT the fenders out. Also before the OD Green paint.

Now, the fenders are more straight cut, and the tires don't rub at all. I plan to run 1.75" tube along them and weld the sheet metal to the tube.

Here are the hot springs pics:




Actually, I found a pic I took while I was in the process of cutting the fenders out:


It's not a very good pic, but you can see how they are cut out.

I could easily fit 39.5's with only a 4" lift.

SWEET now thats what im talkin

what did you do for the rear

im on a 6"slee lift but have 325/85/16 michelin XML and lookin for ways to clear them when flexed

Love the PICs and the ideas

Basically, on the rear, if you go around the wheel well, you can see that you have about an inch or so that you can trim away. What limits you is the rear doors...

That's what I did in the hot springs pics.

However, now, its cut a lot more than that, and I made the wheel wells more squared instead of round. This will work really well once I run some tube around it.

For this rig, trimming the fenders was definitely the way to go. It's REALLY stable since it's pretty low to the ground, and the tires don't rub.

I have less than a $1000 invested in the whole rig, so that's part of the reason why I wasn't afraid to cut it up. If it was a nice daily driver, I'd probably lift it 4" and run some 35's.

Soon as I drop another motor in her, it's going to be a crazy wheeling season. I definitely want to go back to Hot Springs. The trails there were a blast!

haha i drive mine on the weekend/around town looks dont matter for me so it shall see the sheetmetal all cut up
Yeah, definitely cut em then.

If you are running those ~38" tires with a 6" lift, and you cut the fenders like I cut mine, you will be able to run 42's.

I'd definitely recommend some lowers gears at that point, and look into beefing up the birfs.

I'm going to go with full hydro steering. I've got everything sitting in my garage to do it.
Reason being, is that it is REALLY hard to steer with the 16" wide tires and the welded front diff.

I had to make a custom drag link because I turned the stock unit into a pretzel. I used 1.5" x .25" DOM tubing and some chromo heims. It's holding up really well, but it's nearly impossible to steer if you get in a rut.

I do have lockout hubs installed, so I can unlock a hub when cruising the moderate trails, and that makes it bearable.


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