M416 parking brake with new Dexter axle?

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Aug 31, 2010
Anyone using a Dexter axle with parking brake? What are people using for the brake cable? I can't find anything that specifically goes with the axle. There are a few places selling NOS brake cables and handles, any idea if the cable will fit in the new axle?

Thanks for any help.

Don't know for certain, but I suspect any NOS parking brake cables that will fit either a M416 or M101 CDN should work. The Dexter is pretty standardized, like the NATO military stuff. I know the parking brake handle assembly is very close, if not identical.

If you talking about a NOS cable from something else entirely, it'll probably be too long. I could measure what's on our trailer, if you don't have the old cable to do that?
I have that Dexter. There's going to be some custom fabbin. The cable hookup on the drum is much larger than the stock parking brake ferrell. I haven't tackeled that yet.
That's exactly what I was thinking. It looked much different, but the original was so rusted I couldn't really tell.

Guess I'll get a NOS cable and try to modify the cable stops on the brakes.

Thanks guys!


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