M101 wiring

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Nov 17, 2006
This is an easy one...my M101 has a seven prong flat wiring plug... Do I just need to hook up the 4 wires from the truck, right, left, brakes and ground? or more?
This is an easy one...my M101 has a seven prong flat wiring plug... Do I just need to hook up the 4 wires from the truck, right, left, brakes and ground? or more?

Left, Right, Tail, and Ground.
How about replacing the whole wiring shebang? I have a CDN m101 with flat four prong connector but the whole thing's has been cut and spliced so much throughout its life before me that I'd like to just put it a new one.
Where might I source something like this?
For our M101 CDN, I just ripped the factory wiring out, then used a standard trailer wiring set with LED tail lamps. I added side markers and separate lic lights, all LEDs.
Coolio; thats exactly my plan. Who makes the best wiring harnesses out there?
Several of the bigger names in lighting offer kits to wire a boat trailer, which means the lamps are rated for submersion, a good idea with a M101, eh?;) Might have been Grote, might have been Trucklite, not really sure. Don't go cheap, get the LED version if a choice, should be good. Some have frame clips to hold the wiring down.

You get a harness that's basically a flat cable with the wires needed, more than long enough. Mine was the 4-wire flat plug, but you can get 'em with different plugs, too. I also added some wire looming to keep things clean and protected into the taillights and to make up the pigtail with the connector.

I found some light guards and used them to protect my taillamps. I used a piece of random steel to make a guard to protect the license plate lights and provide a place to tie down the tarp.



I used the black single oval version of these boxes on our TrailBlazer: http://www.awdirect.com/truck-light...pening-black-steel-lb383/mounting-and-bezels/ Those that I bought had side marker light holes in them too.
When the time comes to revisit the wiring I'll be using some of this cable: http://www.delcity.net/store/Trailer-Cable/p_366
I prefer to put a trailer light socket in the tongue. Then I'll make a plug by plug jumper to the tow rig. Can even find self-coiling cable for this use. Can make up a jumper for each different type of tow rig light socket that you've got or are likely to encounter.
I picked my cages because they were cheap, in fact, unpainted, since I was going to paint the whole trailer anyway. Those are some nice guards and definitely worthy of consideration. I was surprised at not finding much of a choice in these a couple of years back, but maybe my Google skillz were poor that day?:p

Anyway, 3 more pics. Backside of the tailights, a shot of my front reflector and side marker lamp, and my pigtail arrangment.

Also note extended leg of landing gear to level out 33" tires and U-bolt holder with pintle lock inside tongue A-frame.



My trailer was previously wired with a four-prong setup, with all new wires and round Grote lights. Pretty straight-foward to add a set of LED Bolts for the license plate lighting needed for Kalifornia. The lower holes for the plate are in the frame, so no need to have any wiring exposed. Nice and bright to help keep the Highway Patrol happy.


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do you have the stock lights. i do so i just ran new wires from a standard plug to the lights and changed them to 12v bulbs ( hanvent hooked up the black out lights yet). i didn't really need to change the wiring but its old so i figured new wiring would be a good idea. this way i included a junction box to keep things clean. i am using a seven way plug but for now only have the tail, brake, signal lights hooked up. i have trailer brakes on my work bench and will have an aux outlet and back up lights in the near future so i'll be able to easily add them as time allows off the junction box. really not a tough project, just a little time consuming

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