LX450- broken key- (security lug nut)

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Jan 27, 2008
My lug nut key broke- and I couldn't get the security lug nuts off. I read through older threads about chiseling, or welding another nut on to remove it, and just imagined all the horrible damage I could do to my wheels. Then I ran across the "Emergency Lug Nut Removal Set" at Harbor Freight for $4.99. Problem solved- Lug nuts came right off.
I went to the toyota dealership, ask them to take it off with there lug nut key, as well as the the other 3 security lugnuts on the other wheels, and then I threw them as far as I could. Then purchased 4 new regular lugnuts from them.
Dont have any on my cruiser, but in the past on other cars I've had, they all ways have been a real PITA.
A little bit of antiseize compound helps...
Yes, "in the day" I am sure these rims were all the rage, but now 16 years later Im not sure the locks are worth the risk of being unable to get the last lug off in the middle of no where.

I took mine off.

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