LX service question

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Jul 19, 2016
San Diego, CA
LX owners, where do you have your vehicle serviced. I've owned an gx470 in the past and had Toyota do all my routine maintenance (oil, brakes, diff fluids, etc.). Any suspension electronics I think I'll go with LEXUS.

What has your experience been?
Does it cost more to go to Lexus dealer for service?

Haven't owned one, but heard many people rave about Lexus service.

Pretty unimpressed with most Toyota dealer service.
Do most of my own fluids, but everything else goes to my Lexus dealer, who is top rated. That said I've got a killer relation with my Service Advisor and also use the same Tech for everything. I've even dropped a few dollars on the Tech when I know he was taking a hit on a warranty repair labor rate.

Loaner car and the ability of the Service Advisor to do a bit more for you in a bind is key, plus they see lots of LXs; can't say the same for Toyota. Then again, if you know your Toyota Tech is LC experienced and can get him every time, the labor rate is usually lower.

If I lived near Christo or other areas, like SLC, with good independent LC shops, I'd most likely go there out of warranty.
I've actually found that the Lexus dealer has better hours and basic maintenance is cheaper.
No comparison, Lexus has 5 star service to complete with Mercedes... We have purchased 4 new Lexus' in the past 10 years... The oldest one is my wife's and by far the most trouble prone Lexus ever built... Lexus warranty / recall / total engine rebuilds / fuel system rebuilds / etc. , etc... no kidding they have probably spent $12,000 to $15,000 redoing this car, but she loves it and won't give it up... All the other maintenance is/was covered by the Lexus VISA card the used to pay 1.5%, but was recently reduced to 1% credit back... I can always order my Toyota stuff through the Lexus dealer with the card so it covered too...

Just get a Lexus card, and enjoy your "Free" snacks...LOL...


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