LX 570, no dust deflector above rear window

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Dec 25, 2013
Traveling on a dirt road on my way fishing and noticed my rear window getting real dusty and wondering why the rear dust deflector wasn't shooting air down over window and keeping it dust free...no dust deflector, just a rear spoiler! All my other 100 series LC's and LX's have had the rear dust deflector that looked like a rear spoiler and keep rear window pretty much dust free. Why would engineering change this, are these vehicles supposed to stay on pavement? Is there an after market dust deflector? Thanks for the replys....Flats
I thought the rear spoiler was in place to create down force at high speeds to increase traction and also prevent the Cruiser from becoming airborne?
Nope... makes it pretty. Kinda like my old Golden Retriever... didn't like water... but was very pretty.

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