Lucas electrics? Door lock issue

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Apr 14, 2005
South San Francisco, CA.
I seem to have a weird one here. The other day I was leaving the cruiser,
when I went to open the door, all the door locks locked! WTF!!! I pulled and cleaned all switches, all is ok. Any body else see this. Oh and I noticed when I open the door, the clock resets to 1:00. I read in an earlier post about checking strikers, all is ok. Also read about a door lock "brain" and the switch at the drivers key. Were is this door lock brain? Oh and if a door is open, and you push the door lock button, lets say as when exiting the rig, the doors do not lock.(key in pocket) the will however unlock. Here is one more scenario. All doors unlocked and closed, you pull up handle to get in, all doors instantly lock.
I'm thinking if this door "brain" box does exist, mine is fried.
Thanks in advance

how about a quick edit...with clearer questions and scenarios?

the "brain" for the alarm is under the drivers seat.
the master controller for all door locks is on the drivers side door...just behind the panel.

are you sure you actually locked the doors before you left? it's possible that you might not have locked them...and upon your return, you actually locked, rather than unlocked them.

I'd suggest that you search "door lock unlock", but that might turn up a whole lotta hits...
OK, (I found the problem) here was the scenario, your sitting in the truck, press the door unlock button, all doors unlock. so far so good. Now try to open door, as you pull the handle to get out, ALL doors lock.Weird huh. Turns out the dome light fuse was blown. I have no idea how and why they are related, but they are....go figure.


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