low speed hesitation

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Jun 26, 2012
Draper, UT
I just got my 92 L/C with the 4.0L and 170,000 miles. I am having a continuous hesitation/miss at low speeds (around 5 mph) at around 1,000 rpms. I changed sparkplugs, oil change, valve adjustment. This was to get it to pass emissions. Tomorrow I will change fuel filter, spark plug wires, cap and rotor. I have also added seafoam to both fuel and oil. Is there anything else I should be looking at? Thanks.
Could it be that is not downshifting and staying in 2nd??

Have you tried adjusting a bit the throttle cable?
I will look at the throttle cable. This happens when I start from a stop and don't exceed about 5 or 10 mph, so I am using very little throttle-around 1,000 rpm. When I put on some throttle to accelerate, or cruising at a faster speed I have no problems.
Maybe clean EGR modulator and EGR valve and all associated vacuum lines, this made a big diffrence on my 1991 FJ80.
does it do it worse when its cold? do you hear any popping from the intake? could be a lean condition.
Does it when warm and I don't hear any popping noise. As for the egr, it just passed emissions but I will clean the system.
Air intake hose? I had the same on my 94 and when I checked the hose it broke in two. Ordered one from Cdan but had to JB weld and duct tape it until it gets here.

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