Lots of Parts Fullerton CA

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Apr 25, 2007
S.CA - N.OC - Fullerton
United States
I have a lot of parts and this is just some of them. I would appreciate it if you would email me direct at propertynoc@yahoo.com or call 714-738-4875
(the guy who wanted the 1bbl carb, I deleted your email, oops)

1974 FJ55 COMPLETE VEHICLE, rusty project that ran but nees some accessories put back on the motor. $1000
Ramsey 8000lb PTO WINCH: with PTO for 3spd setup and/or Toyota box for 4or3spd $300 all
FJ40 4SPD TRANS (needs output shaft) $50
4SPD CONVERSION STUFF: F/2f Bell housing for 4spd trans, clutch, flywheel, fork, hydrolics, drive shafts, etc., most everything you need.
1986 2F SHORT BLOCK ($300): in exelent condition with REBUILDABLE HEAD ($100).
1986 fj60 MOTOR PARTS: smog, intake/ex, carb, dist/ing, a/c bracket with comp, all accessories, ps pump. $25-$100
STEERING BOXES: fj60 box and pump $250.
TRANSMISSIONS: fj60 4spd ($75) , fj40 3spd $75
TRANSFER CASE HOUSINGS: 1 3spd, 1 4spd (80 each)
DRIVE SHAFTS: various, a couple with CVs, some modified, whatevers there. $40 each
RADIATORS: various, fj40/55/60 $ 75 each
GAS TANKS: fj40 many different years, $75 each
AIR CLEANERS: (2) fj40 2bbl, (1) late model fj40 $50 -$100
EXHAUST MANIFOLDS: early f, f 2bbl, 86 2f, f/2f header, early f header, manifolds $100 headers $50
EXHAUST SYSTEMS: fj40 complete for stock mani $50, fj40/45 pipes and muffs for fenderwell headers $50.
TIRE CARIERS: late model tubular $100, drivers side 40 $75, aftermarket +2 cans, needs mods $25.
HEATERS: (8) 40/45/55 style various years, blower motors, misc. $20-$50
BODY PARTS: 68-74 w/s frame, 40/45 fender skirts $10, cross piece for back of late 40 hard top $50, misc small.
DASH STUFF: fj55 clusters (set) $40, lots of misc.
CARBURATORS: 86 fj60, various stock, rochester and holley with adapters. $25-$75
V8 CONVERSION: adapter for 4spd to chevy bell housing $100, rearx-member new $75, SB ford adapter for 3spd $50, chevy adapter for 3spd $50,
CLUTCHES/FLYWHEELS: various pressure plates and flywheels, 3/4spd/chevy. $25 each
OIL COOLERS: HD aftermarket, stock 2f $50 each
CHEVY PARTS: (3) HEI distributors, (3) ps pumps, fuel pump, misc. accessories, mallory elec ign dist. $20ish each
IGNITION: electronic ign conv for f/2f $100, lots of stock distributors, coils, ignighters, wires, etc, $25ish each
SHIFTERS: aftermarket auto trans, floor shifter for 3spd. $50e
TRANSFER CASES: dana 20 $200,
A/C STUFF: f/2f brackets $25, Toyota and York compressors $25.
SMOG: lots of smog from late 70s and 86 fj60
WIPER MOTORS: mid and late style 1/2 $40 e.
MISC: boxes of accessories, brackets, small int/ext pieces/hardware, rubber, wiring, etc. etc. $5-$10
1 factory gray wheel with clips $30

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