Lost Industries Front Bumper

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Dec 30, 2015
Seattle, WA
I just purchased a front bumper from Chris at Lost Industries. They have a thread in the armor section. I’ll post more as I mount it. I’m pretty stoked about it. If your thinking about a front bumper check them out. They’ve been great to work with.
Looks like a nice bumper, how thick is the steel
I'm on IG mostly. I have a fb page but don't like fb. Best way is my cell Chris 602-616-5086

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That bumper is 3/16 and 1/4" for the winch plate and core section. The wings are all 4130 .125" chromoly. It's only like 80lbs.
Hey guys. Here’s a few. Been super busy and I’ll take some more after I get my winch mounted. I can tell you it’s awesome. Tons of clearance. Mounted it by myself super easy, craftsmanship is top notch and Chris is a super nice guy. Best part is the wings are chromoly and the entire bumper is less than 80 lbs.

Five stars. Only regret, not waiting for the rear bumper from Chris before buying the 4x4 labs rear. I love the labs bumper but it’s a heavy sucker and I don’t really need that much armor as I can’t afford to really wheel my rig hardcore. I bet Lost Industries rear is at least 50-70 lbs lighter.


Looks great with the red paint.

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