losing the warn kit and getting longfields

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Oct 11, 2004
tunica, ms
i just ordered longfields so there's no turning back now. i don't have my original toyota stuff-so what all do i need and where can i get it??? i know i need new hubs, hub housing, spindle, bearings and seals. anything else? and where can i get all this stuff.
Are you dumping the Warn stuff, PM if you are.

I would try to find a local rig at a yard. If not, watch ebay, or start asking here and other sites for the OE stuff you need. I would bet a complete axle would be easier than sourcing all the parts.

Good Luck! Sounds like fun.

rezarf <><
Spindles, bearings, seals, hubs, rotors, lock outs and the corresponding hardware....

I know that I have seen this similar upgrade before....

Should not be that hard to find....Depending on if you can find the earlier Land Cruiser hub, then your rotors could transfer over from the Warn hub to the Land Cruiser...as the rotors on the Warn hub are attached the same way as the pre-79 rotors were on the Land Cruiser.

Depending on what you are looking to get from the Warn junk, I may be interested as well...and may have some of the things you will need for trade....

Good luck!

i have 5 stub axles, two long axles, one short side, and four hubs. one of the stubs may not be usable.

poser, what parts do you have that i need?

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