Looking for good Carb Rebuilder.

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Jun 19, 2010
Coquitlam, BC
As many of you know I volunteer a lot of my time up in Squamish at the WCRA.... We recently acquired an antique of a Rail Car mover that has a Ford engine in it.... the carb appears to be a Motorcraft 2100-D and needs some attention/rebuilt, and may be missing a few parts.

Can anyone recommend a good ford carb rebuilder or carb rebuilder is general that this can be dropped off too and looked at worked on?

Cheaper to replace. If you can't do it yourself. Pretty simple to clean , rejet, and adjust. Is it a four or six cylinder. Id talk to the guys at the end of the road by the golf coarse up there. Make sure you say its for the rail museum.
Enigma remembers correctly - they did my aisin for my 77 Celica. Canadian Carburetor

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