Looking for advice on buying a GX

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Aug 29, 2020
I’m new to GXs but I’ve been looking for a little while into a reliable, good quality vehicle that will serve my family. I live near Ottawa in Canada so we get tones of snow, ice, freezing rain etc. Where I live it is mandatory to drive with winter tires from December to March. I’m looking to use this as a daily driver/camper/trailer hauler. No off-roading, maybe dirt trails and roads on the way to campsites etc. I know the vehicle is not great on gas, but I don’t put a lot of miles on my vehicles, especially now with COVID (maybe 12000-15000km per year, less than 10,000miles). My other vehicle is a Honda Odyssey, which is what we would use as a cruising vehicle etc.

GXs are generally hard to find in Canada. Especially ones with little rust or that have completed rotted out. I’ve landed across two vehicles that I was hoping you guys out there could give me advice on.

The first is a single owner 2004. Body looks to be in good condition, some surface rust; single owner, immaculate maintenance record available. It has 285,000km (177,000miles). It has not had its second timing belt service. The private seller wants 9000, but is willing to negotiate.

The second option is a 2007. Sold by a used car dealer who got it from a local Lexus dealership after a trade-in, has 295000km (183000miles). This one has a rougher body, a hole in the bumper. Also only 1 owner I believe, but the dealer wasn’t 100% sure. Also one timing belt service. Dealer wants 10995+tax.

both are being sold as is. Is there a great enough difference in trim/amenities between 2004 and 2007 GX models to justify the difference. The guy selling the 2004 is willing to negotiate. So I think I can talk him into reducing the asking price to account for the timing belt I will have to change. The dealer, well you know dealers, they’re crooks.

any thoughts/advice would be helpful. May come to nothing since the earliest I can see them is next week and these cars go fast when they come on the market here.

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