Looking for a FZJ80 '96-'97 left front fender

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Apr 14, 2011
Ramona, CA
Anybody got extra sheet metal taking up space?

I have a new oem left fender still in the Toyota box. For a '94 though.... I think the only difference is the bolt patterns for the plastic fender guards... If we can verify, it's yours for a good price!
Wow, that sounds very interesting. Once it cools down a little, I will take my fender off and we can get together to compare the mounting holes. I don't have any fender flares left anyway.
Perfect... The fender is in Encinitas, or I can grab it and bring it up here to Oceanside... Whichever is easier for you...
I have been reading through old posts in the 80's tech forum and found one that describes putting a '92 fender on a '96 with only flare mounting differences.

So I am ready to buy the fender from you and meet you at your convenience. I am retired and not busy, so let me know what works for you. I'll PM my phone number. Thanks.
@barneymc You lucked out! Two people just listed wanted ads for oem 80 left front fenders in the classified section! Timing was just right and I'm glad it went to a club member!
I appreciate you selling the fender to me, and that we got together before someone else grabbed it

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