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Mar 25, 2009
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Hey guys I have a quick question. Would it be wise to pay 7000k for a 97 Fj with lockers that is a little rought or 4500 for a 95 without lockers that is not as rough and has less miles? I know i want lockers but it seems to me that for the price I can Install ARBs down the road. Any opion is welcomed.
If you want useful opinions, define 'rough' and 'not as rough'. Overall, you could install ARB's or even factory lockers later.

First, i would never pay 7000k, that is too much IMO :flipoff2:

Second, I would hold out until you find a rig that is like the 95 in condition and has lockers. It might take a few more months of searching, but you will thank yourself in the future. Retrofitting ARBs is a great solution that costs a couple thousand dollars. Most of the time, the elockers lockers can be had at no additional expense because people don't know what they are.

As long as you can still find well-conditioned rigs with lockers, i would wait. if and when the FZJ80 becomes so rare as to hardly find one in good condition with or without lockers (which is already starting to happen), then it will be justified to buy w/o lockers.
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The mileage difference isn't that huge IMHO so the question is: are you really going to use those lockers on a regular basis?
And since SUVs are really slow moving from lots, can't you negociate a rebate given the fact that there will be work to do on the axles? Or at least try to get a limited warranty from the dealer.
Locked>Unlocked all things considered equal, but we all know these rigs are getting harder and harder to find, let alone in good shape, and the 7% that are locked.

You can easily dump big bucks into these rigs if they are not well maintained and the $$ spent on the purchase of the rig will seem like a drop in the bucket.

IMO lockers come secondary to the vehicles condition, maintenance history, etc...
I rarely if ever use my lockers. (I've exercised my lockers more than I've put them to practical use). I've used my lockers in places I thought I needed them, only to go up that very same trail just as easily unlocked. Save your money and get an unlocked vehicle.
I am shopping for a 80 as well. For my needed, Locker or not, makes no different to me, but the maintain history & general condition on the vehicle do.
I hear the line "be patient and you'll find one" but that was not my experience. I shopped and shopped. I wrote that tool y'all use over on the classified section and used it for almost two years. Gave up and started looking again. I honestly think I'd still be looking if I wouldn't have lowered the bar.

I finally came to this conclusion, figure out the three things that matter the most to you and shop. Figure out what these things are worth to you. And finally remember that no matter what you get, the previous owner probably wasn't a dream owner and you're gonna spend thousands (yes) baselining. Don't buy one if you're not in for the long haul. You might spend $2000/year for a couple years but if you own it for 10-15 years, big deal. Don't buy it thinking it is gonna be carefree like a '09 Civic.

For me, the number one priority was a straight, rust free rig. Second was I wanted an original owner who had records; I needed to know that they cared; crazy it was that important but it was. And third, I wanted less than 150k. I put a limit of $6500 on it and went shopping.

Now I wouldn't touch a 10+ year old rust belt vehicle. I grew up there and I know. It can't be leaking like the Valdez either. So there are probably more than I listed but hey.

Make no mistake though, I absolutely hate that it doesn't have lockers. Kills me. But that is fixable. I can write checks and solve that. So I got a single owner who had every receipt without a scratch or dent and dry as a bone with 131k. Passed emissions like it was new and runs smooth as silk.

I'm happy and looking forward to my first Cruise Moab and my first summer with my 80.

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