Locker wiring help

Dec 26, 2009
DeBolt, AB
So my rear diff locker hasn't worked for a year or so... Doing some work underneath I noticed this:



So some honest but stupid questions are in order: Is that my locker clip or something else? What are those two loose wires for?

Help please.
Sep 22, 2006
Vancouver, Canada
The two loose wires are supposed to be going to the sensor that tells your red dash light to stop blinking when the locker is engaged. If you remove the little guard that protects the locker motor you will see the lower connector that has no wires going to it but should. FYI, it is not involved in the locker actually locking, just the dash light going solid so you can operate without it and the locker should still work.

The hanging connector goes nowhere and there should be a matching one on the other side of the vehicle. I guess they would have something to do with ABS? I have the same ones and they have nothing to connect to.

The collection of green wires (should be 5 in there) go to the locker motor.

See THIS THREAD for more info...

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