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Nov 17, 2006
I have a thread in the "merchandising storefront" section of the classifieds regarding the sale of the snorkles I built. Is it an allowable practice for me to put a post in the 40's section, with a link to that thread, now that I am prepared to do another run?
if someone has done an install tech thread for you, feel free to reply in there that more are avail...also feel free to include that Storefront link in your signature line, with the note that more are avail.

I 'discourage' blatent product pushes in Tech...even for our great supporting vendors :)

I've seen some forums where Vendor promo isn't limited, and it drives me nuts with 50% of the threads on the first page are nothing more than 'look what we are selling this week' threads ... :)
Thanks for the clarification....

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