Light duty vs. Medium duty suspension upgrades

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May 13, 2017
Good morning, everyone!

I just bought a 2004 GX470. I was looking for some specific things in a rig and found almost all of them, and grabbed it. I will be driving it around and doing upgrades as I go, replacing worn items with better ones, that sort of thing.

But I do want to replace the suspension early next year or so. It has air bags that work as of now, but you know how that goes. I'd like to lift it slightly, no more than two inches. Not looking to make a trail beast, as I have a little rig for that sort of stuff.

I have just used OME stuff on my other rig and don't mind staying with that. I do think that I plan on adding new bumpers to my new rig down the line.

So, the question is: is the OME medium-duty lift going to make the ride too harsh UNTIL I put bumpers and all that on?
OME on this platform are known to ride a bit harsh.
Most manufacturer suggest medium spring with just bumper or winch only. Dual batteries, winch and bumper require heavy front spring.

Eibach use adjustable spring perch to compensate for spring sag. Higher adjustable coilover have adjustable spring preload that can be adjusted when you add the bumper.

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