Lexus GX 470 TRD Grey Rims Real? (1 Viewer)

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Jul 31, 2020
San Antonio

I am looking at buying these 17 TRD rims with tires P265 70r17 for my stock GX 470 on offerup. I believe they should fit? Also, has anyone seen trd rims with the TRD letters in grey most of the ones I have seen have the letters in red hoping they are not counterfeit rims? Heard some bad things about the Bridgestone H/Ts will see how they do.

Owner is claiming he pulled them off his 4runner and went to the tire shop as he left the dealership. I am paying $750 for the wheels , tires, lugs.
Can’t vouch for if they’re legit, as there are a lot of TRD knock-off rims out there, but those look excactly like the rims from a 2020 4Runner “Venture” edition. Damn good looking rim if you ask me.
FYI, a set came up on Craigslist near me. She wanted $1200, I offered 800, even with the crappy tires on them. Seller said no...$750 seems reasonable.
Maybe as a confirmation question, ask the seller which edition 4Runner he bought?
Good luck...
Just messaged him he said it was a 2020 venture edition thanks so much McDuff seems like a good deal going to get them ASAP! Let's hope they fit. I do plan on using the tires for a while until I upgrade.
Looks like the grey TRD center caps are from the Venture Special Edition model. Either way, they fit. I have the grey Pro version on my GX.

Yep those are new new for 2020 and they are also special because they have a gloss clear coat instead of matte finish. I just bought mine from the dealership a few months ago after seeing them on a new 4Runner Venture on the lot!



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