Left Hand Drive in Australia


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Jul 2, 2003
Glen Waverley, Victoria, Australia
This morning at 7:50 when I had just turned left onto Blackburn road, Glen Waverley, I saw a Mahindra Pik-Up with a white sticker written as LEFT HAND DRIVE on the bottom right of its back window. - I was in lane 1 heading south and the Mahindra was in lane 3. I was going to take a photograph with my phone but I dindn't know how and the traffic lights changed to green. Travelling further south I reached behind the driver's seat for my digital camera, then at the traffic lights for Wellington road, I went to take a snap and the batteries were flat. As I turned left into Wellington road I saw the Mahindra make a lane change to the left, probable to then turn left into Prices Highway, Clayton.

It looked like a normal white crewcab with styleside tray and alloy wheels. It had other stickers on its back window, one started with ADR and beside it were some numbers. - Which would indicate an Australian Design Rule.
Inside the Mahindra were two chaps, the fellow in the passenger seat(right side) wore gold framed glasses. - Neither men appeared to be Currys, nor were they whitecrackers. As a guess, I think both men were Malay or Filipino.

The Registration Plate on the Car was 1765•A

If you don't already know Mahindra Automotive Australia is based in Kirrawee. Kirrawee - Google Maps That's the same Princes Highway as in Clayton.
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