LED Tail Light Assy Issues - Brake lights always on

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Mar 15, 2015
I bought a set of tail-light assemblies last year and thought all was well. They way they are set up your tail lights are LED, and the reverse and tail lights are simply a matter of re-mounting your previous lights.

The issue is that while the lights come on when I turn on my lights, or hit my brakes, there is ZERO difference when I hit my brakes at night and the middle top light is always on also at night with headlights on.

I am wondering if the issue is that the LEDs don't respond to changes in the voltage as the incandescant lights did prior.

2004 LC, I probably need to look at it again. The back LEFT corner light was smashed up a bit, perhaps there is an incorrect ground or it's simply wired wrong. One side is set up where the plug simply was plugged in and the other side the socket was smashed so the wires had to be connected.

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