leaving something out MOAB

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Jan 22, 2005
canmore AB
why is it when your getting ready for a big trip it seem's, like your leaving something undone or your forgetting something so much that it bug's you and it's all you can think about to the point that you lose sleep????:confused: :doh: :censor:

wow youve been able to sleep your doing better than me, and yes Im the same way
there's only to 2 thing's that stop me, from working on the cruiser 1, i live in a condo 2 no shop with light to work in, recived a warning about working on my truck in the comon area.

Maybe your forgettin to detour to the coast to pick me up! :crybaby:

Have fun down there.:beer: :beer:
I used to do this type of thing when doing big kayak trips.
Then I discovered the piece of mind that a good hard printed check list can provide. (some call them punch lists)
Seems like I would always get caught up making sure I had all my gear and forget one of the following:
- coffee cup (oh thats a pisser)
- Pillow (=equals crick in neck)
- Beer cozy
- Fire starter
Checklist, absolutely. I have one that I print out and start checking off before every trip.
I carry the list with me on the trip and add or delete stuff that I find I need or could do without on future trips. My list is pretty solid right now. And there are things on the list that I usually don't bring, but leave on the list in case it might be handy based on the specific trip plans.

ditto....and yet oddly, i keep forgetting to add pillow to the checklist.

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