LC randomly stalls at stops.

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Apr 13, 2007
San Diego

About a week ago my 1994 FJ80 (201k) started shutting off at random when idling at a light. It also did it a few minutes after I first started it one morning, so it's not a 'only when it's running at temp' thing. It always fires right back up. She doesn't stutter or hesitate, actually she purrs quite nicely, then off.
Again, it only does it when idling (which is set at about 600-700).
Can you guys offer some advice?

Thank you.
Check for cracks in the intake tube (big rubber hose going from the air filter over to the engine. Either that or did you just wash your engine and get the throttle positioning sensor wet?
I haven't washed it but I did just recently dust the air filter, I might have damaged the hose, will check.

I also noticed heavy cracking on a thick hose that goes over the intake manifold to the throttle body. I'm hoping it's not the main fuel line. Well I guess it doesn't matter since it will get swapped out anyways.
I've got my money on the intake hose. I've got a '94 as well and after 15 years that big rubber hose gets brittle. About $80 or so from cruiserdan to get a nice plyable new one...and about 10 minutes to install it!
I checked the intake hose. Still soft and pliable. I cranked the tension clamps a bit but the problem persists. I've done a couple of visual checks but haven't been able to find anything else that might be causing the problem. Where else can I look?

Tell us exactly what you did/removed/loosened when you "dusted the air filter".

Oh, and double and triple check the intake tube.

Popped off three clamps around filter housing lid and removed butterfly nut on lid. Loosened intake tube by MAF sensor. pulled filter out. returned everything back.

Intake tube is fine (and clean inside).
Random un-educated guess... but could it be something like a fuel relay or something like the sort to stop all vitals and cause the cease. Bad ground, faulty relay?
An update. It's still doing it and I haven't been able to trace it. We plugged in a code scanner and got a DTC-22 code but it also read ECT sensor circuit failure. The way the reader listed it it looked like it was one issue (DTC-22 = ECT Sensor circuit failure) but looking into it I'm starting to think it's two different issues?

What do you guys think?

Im just guessing on this but have you tried reseting the ecu and letting it re-learn? Is the maf(or whatever the 94 uses) dirty?
MAF is clean. Yesterday I unplugged the temp sensors/senders from the head (found 4) and plugged them back in. I then drove about 150 miles with not a single glitch but the problem is random enough that it could've just been coincidence. If and when it stalls again I will reset the ECU and see what happens next.


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