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May 10, 2008
hi everyone, ive a 2003 amazon 4.2 diesel, with the tochscreen sat nav, problem is it all went off, but radio still works,ive got no clock heaters or screen, ive checked all fuses, is there any hidden fuses? or does anyone no whats wrong? many thanks.
Welcome to the site! Where are you?

so you mean the screen went fully black, not just the Nav part, right?

If not an obvious fuse issue, you could check the connectors in the back for looseness and to make sure there is power etc.

Is the disk reader (under one of the seats?) still working?

Long shot guess: disconnect battery to see if it would "reboot" things...?

(isn't there also some way to set the screen to black and you have to push back on menus etc to get it back...?)

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