Kawasaki Powertools

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Jun 6, 2005
Nairobi, Kenya
Anybody ever use Kawasaki brand power tools? I've been planning on buying a set of cordless tools (drill, sawzall, circular saw) and saw Kawasaki's on the Northern Tool website. Much cheaper than Dewalt/Milwaukee- but I know cheaper is usually expensive.

Any opinions?

I know it isn't a power tool, but I've got a Kawasaki leaf blower and it is great. They don't have a huge presence in the market, but most of there stuff is commercial quality and lasts a long time. I'd go for it. I think that the reason the price is right is that they're trying to break into the market.
You might want to look at Hitache whith the lithion ion batteries.
Good tools......
Lowes sells 'em.

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