Just realized something about Cooper Zeon LTZ...

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Oct 22, 2007
South Florida
Cooper actually has two "versions" of the Zeon LTZ with different sizes, tread dephts and load ranges.

On the Cooper website, if you select "SUV Tires", the Zeon is listed with 14/32 tread and load range XL in various sizes.

If you select "Light Truck Tires", it is listed with 16-17/32s tread, load range E and different tire sizes.

Just thought this might be helpful for anyone considering this tire. The light truck version appears to be more "heavy duty". THey have deeper, more aggressive tread and are much heavier.

I got them so long ago, that I got the SUV version - only ones out at the time.

Mine are 285/60/18 in a "heavy Passenger rating", at 31.5" tall

I see now they offer a 275/70/18 in load range E, at 33" tall.

Nice to know!
Check to see if they have different rubber compounds too. Often "Light Truck" tires have a tougher long lasting rubber compound. The down side is it may have less traction and not give you as much "grip" in snow or ice.

Given the choice I would go with the SUV tire. Heavier is no advantage.
Just checking in... I have developed huge CRACKS in the tread shoulder where the tread meets the sidewall in all 4 of my Zeon LTZ's. Pics will be posted in my build thread.

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