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Jan 13, 2015
Bend, OR
Just a heads up you can order a Dometic CFX-50 at for $537.08 out the door including shipping.
That was the best price I found. If you start an account you can use promotion code Triple15 and get $30 off and then select no return shipping and that save another $10. And the rest was just some discount they're running.

If you order a cover and a drawer slide at the same time you get a discount i think the drawer slide would have costed a mother $140 and the cover was like $30

The CFX-40 can be bought at a discount too.

The ARB and Engel fridges seem cheaper on as well but they were out of my price range.
I received the fridge today and it was the wrong one. They sent me the 35 instead of the 50. I'm not very happy about the whole deal.

Right after I ordered this someone local was selling an Engel 45 for $450 but I would of had to pay for return shipping and %5 to return this one so I just waited for this one to arrive and then it took a few days longer then they expected and it finally shows up and its the wrong fridge.
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Why would you have to pay for anything when they screw the order up?
Well, it's a bummer they sent the wrong one but that's not a big problem. It happens. Arrange for a prepaid return at their expense and have them send the correct one. It'll take another 2 weeks but you'll have what you paid for. And if you're lucky they may just let you keep the first one, happened before. Or try to have them throw in a goodie for your troubles. It was bad luck about the timing of the local one but that's not jet's fault.

Or see if you might not prefer the 35 over the 50 after all. The 50s are starting to get biggish. Ask for a credit for the difference.

Or if you have second thoughts about the whole thing, see if you can cancel your order using the wrong fridge and delay as the reason/excuse.

It's all good, you'll be so happy to have an electric fridge! Worth the wait.
They offered me $50 if I would keep the first fridge and I turned that offer down so they payed to return the fridge and gave me a $25 credit so I ordered another 50. So it only cost $512 this time. And once they receive the first fridge they said they will give me a refund.

I probably would have kept the 35 but It opened length wise and I wanted one that opened the shorter width direction so I can open it while inside the truck if need be. the 50 is basically the same footprint but just taller and I have plenty of height where its going so I figured I might as well get the larger one and have to much space then get the smaller one and not have enough.

I'm pretty stoked! I picked up a battery tray from a 92 the other day to add a second battery and I should be building the drawer system this week.
The correct fridge showed up today! I'm stoked to build the rear drawer system now.

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